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Why was Wedding Dress shopping not what I expected?

A question that many brides are left asking after their first appointment. You had a lovely experience with the first boutique you chose to visit, even found some dresses to start off that shortlist, but once you get home something felt a little strange.

We are going to try and unpack that feeling for you because we think we may have an idea what leaves many brides asking this question. One of the first reasons is that you have probably set your expectations too high. With the countless movies, reality shows, viral videos portraying shopping for a wedding dress, it’s hard for it not to be. And even though you tell yourself this may not be reality, it doesn’t stop the ideas forming in the back of your mind. So our first bit of advice is DO NOT go in expecting it to be something out of movies because none of what we see in the media is true to life.

Second reason… The Entourage! 'It will be the best time bringing my whole bridal entourage?... Right? …. Wrong! The idea again seems amazing, but the reality is most of us don’t do well, being put on display and that is exactly what happens in your bridal appointment. So keep it light by bringing just a retaliative and one bestie to take away the feeling of being a one woman show on the West End. Once you have found your dress, you can always bring others to a later fitting or alternatively keep it as a surprise for the Big Day and get those gorgeous reaction photos. Don't just take our word for it though, take our real brides opinions in our 'Who should I take shopping blog'

Lastly, don’t worry if you leave loving some dresses but not feeling like you have found the one. Shopping for your wedding dress is a process and you may have found it and just don’t know it yet. Sometimes it’s not till you have gone away or been to try on some dresses at other boutiques that you realise. And who knows, that very first dress could be the one. When you start comparing all other dresses to one in particular, trust your gut … you’ve found your dress!

Approach Wedding dress shopping the same way you approach high-street shopping. Go to the place that seem like your kinda place, shop with the size group you normally shop with. If you stay true to yourself and not what you think you should be doing, we promise you will have a much more enjoyable experience.


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