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Behind the Brand

Hannah Victoria Longworth owner of Vicki's Bridal Boutique

As well as being the proud owners of Vicki’s Bridal boutique in Tenterden, Kent, we are also proud mummies to our babies Skye and Finley. If you are local, you may have seen them sitting in the window waving at everyone passing by. 


Hannah Victoria: (aka) - Han, Squeaky, The Short One

Named after our Grandma Victoria Longworth


My husband Sean (aka Vicki’s handyman / tech support) have been together 10 years and were married in 2015 at Kent Life with a relaxed Kentish wedding. Three years later, we had our gorgeous baby girl, Skye. 

Opening a bridal shop is something that has always been a dream, ever since working as a Saturday girl when I was 16. I have always loved retail, being able to meet people from all walks of life and have worked in all aspects of it, but bridal has always been the one that brought me the most joy. Now being able to share this with my best friend and my sister is an absolute dream come true and one we would not be able to do with the support of our family. 

Megan: (aka) - Megs, Meggiepegs, Lanky

Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine, albeit some questionable fashion tastes over the years it has always been something I have loved. Starting as a retail Saturday girl to a role in social media and marketing for a children's clothing brand, it blows my mind everyday that this is now my job!

A dream myself and Hannah have spoken about for a long time but never thought it would actually come true.


Although I am yet to walk down the aisle myself I am engaged to my childhood sweetheart of 10+ years Josh, with our gorgeous little boy Finley and furbaby Rex the Labrador. I love hearing all of our brides stories and wedding plans and I love that I get to plan mine alongside them.

Megan Longworth owner of Vicki's Bridal Boutique
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