Introducing Danielle by Nieve Couture our bridge from the relaxed boho style of Kelsey Rose to more structured dresses of Nieve, whilst still delivering that Boho relaxed look. We recently took her to the Holmsted Events, Rustic Wedding Fair, where she got so much attention, as she is perfect for their tepee weddings.

Like Madison-Grace from last week, Danielle is also a subtle a-line but being a tulle skirt she holds her shape a little more. The multiple layers of tulle give her a romantic feel and keeps her lightweight even with a puddle train, perfect for a bride who wants to really enjoy her day whilst keeping a little bit of puff! The gorgeous appliqué from the bodice softens the strong waist band by flowing down into the top of the skirt, almost creating a pleating effect.

The exposed bodice of Danielle creates a sexy modern look whilst offering a bit of support at the same time. However, if the illusion bodice is a little too risky for you, Nieve also offer a filling in service when you order your dress. The heavy appliquéing and diamond stitch effect teamed with the exposed boning give her bodice an amazing amount of detail, which is continues the whole way round the dress. The soft sweetheart neck lines contrast the thick satin ribbon straps and waist band, continuing to create that modern feel to the dress, combining the traditional and modern styling. Danielle can also come without the straps if you want to go for a strapless look, which we love just as much!

Danielle is the perfect dress for a rustic Boho wedding, but like with any dress it is all about how you style her. She would look amazing going full festival vibes with a flower crown, but equally beautiful if you wanted a more traditional look with a veil and a bit of sparkle in your hair accessory.

If you would like more information on Danielle please get in touch or to try her on head to our boutique based in Tenterden, Kent.

Madison-Grace is one of the Kelsey Rose 2022 Collection and a dress that we get a lot of enquiries about, and I think it is easy to see why!!

She is a subtle A-line one of the fuller skirts of our Kelsey Rose range but no means the tradition A-lines you would find with Ellis Bridals, her big sister. The skirt is a beautiful Chiffon, with one of the bigger trains to be found in the collection, she is perfect for creating a grand feel without the weight of a heavy, more substantial dress.

Her gorgeous lace bodice can leave brides a little apprehensive when on the hanger, but as soon as she is on, her illusion top is just stunning. Though she is illusion, the layering of dotty tulle, lace and appliqué doesn't give too much away. The polka dot tulle carries on down the sleeve to a gorgeous lace cuff finished off with Kelsey Rose's signature vintage buttons, adding a little bit of sparkle.

Due to the very talented Ferne’s 360 design style on all the Kelsey Rose dresses, the back of Madison-Grace is just as exquisite as the front. With beautiful open back finished off with a delicate eyelash lace trim and fastened at the neck with a vintage button to match the cuff. Kelsey Rose believe the back of the dress is just as important as the front, your wedding guests will spend a lot of time looking at your back and this is why you will find an abundance of gorgeous backs throughout our Kelsey Rose collection.

Madison-Grace can also come without the sleeves, leaving you with a thick shoulder strap, losing none of the beautiful detail on the bodice, perfect for a destination wedding. Though one thing I will say Madison-Grace’s sleeves are not there to keep you warm!! So don’t be put off if you are having a summer wedding, and love her as she is.

So this is Madison-Grace by Kelsey Rose we love her and we hope you do too. So, if you are looking for boho style dress with a gorgeous sleeve come and give Madison-Grace a try. If you would like any more information on her, please get in touch or if you would like to try her on head to our boutique in Tenterden, Kent.

If you are stuck between two dresses, heres some of our top tips to help you decide..

(left - Catalina by Kelsey Rose , right - Odessa by Kelsey Rose)

It is very common for #brides to be stuck between two dresses when it comes to choosing 'the one' and a lot of the time they are polar opposites. One is your comfort zone and the other the wild card.⁠

If you find yourself in this situation here are a few tips that may help making your decision a little easier...⁠

✨ What look are you looking for as a bride? Think about how you want your #wedding to look, which one of these dresses fit the style you are going for.⁠

✨ What will others expect you to wear? Your guests may have an idea of what sort of gown you are going to wear based on how well they know you - do you want to surprise them? ⁠

✨ Wild cards can throw a huge curve ball into the mix and sometimes it will come down to how comfortable you feel and if you will regret not going for your wild card in the future.⁠

✨ Budget! Although budget has a huge part in your wedding when it comes to making decisions - we always say don't let the fear of overspending sway your decision. You have to have to decide if not spending that little bit extra will give you regret in the future.⁠

✨ Go with your gut!