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Who Should I Bring Shopping?

Who should I bring shopping? …. This is a question we get asked all the time and the truth of the matter is, it is up to you, but we can offer our advice.

Our view is less is more! When we first get engaged, we have this idea of taking our whole bridal party and it being all giggles and loveliness. However, the reality can be quite different for some. When you are first going shopping, it is a good idea to maybe just bring your closest and most valued opinions, for example "Mum, sister, best friend". This way, you can discover your bridal style without too many conflicting opinions. You can then bring others to a second appointment or collections. It is important to remember that when you bring someone shopping, you are inviting them to give their honest opinion, and though it comes from a good place they can sometimes be led by personal choice rather than what is best for you.

In our boutique in Tenterden, we allow you to bring 4 guests to your appointment and find this normally more than enough. But don't just take our word it, here are a few of our brides with their words of advice.

  1. " Go with only one or two who you truly trust and value the opinion of." @ts490

  2. "Sometimes having just 1 person is better. I actually loved taking both parents individually to see my dress." @jennymay9393

  3. "Those you want to create memories with." @loveteadesigns

  4. "Do not bring too many peeps! Too many opinions can cause confusion and sway you!"

  5. "Bring those you love, who support you and value opinions from." @b0nni3sl

The one thing to remember is that is it YOU that is getting married not other people and just because they are family or a member of your bridal party doesn't mean they have to bring them dress shopping. If opinions are what you are worried about there are other ways to experience moments with them, without it affecting your dress shopping.

If you would like to book in with us then please get in touch or head to our booking page.


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