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Fear of saying Yes!

So you have gone shopping, tried on multiple dresses, multiple styles and there is that one dress that has ticked all the boxes, you’re 99% there, but something is stopping you saying ‘Yes’ but you're not sure what ... Could it just be the fear of saying yes?

Fear of saying ‘Yes’ is something we see so often and we get it, it’s a big decision! But here are our few things to consider if you think you may have found the one, but don’t know how you know!

  • Do you feel amazing in it?

  • Do you love looking at yourself in it, even if it’s not your size?

  • It is okay if you would want to make small changes, adding sleeves, straps, modesty strips etc. This is just your way of making it yours!

  • It’s okay NOT to bust into tears!! (We not all like Say Yes to the Dress brides!!)

  • If you just want to put it back on, you can’t stop thinking about it or comparing it to others, good chance that’s ‘The One’!

Lastly, it is okay to want to cement it by going to another shop, but don’t go shopping for something that you have already found because this can start to make unnecessary stress. If you do need to cement it, our advice would be; find a shop that really might have something that are looking for and if ‘The Dress’ is still on your mind, then don’t put it off, book back in and seal the deal. Even if it feels like you have a long time till your big day, remember time flies, and the excitement of putting your dress on again never goes away!


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