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Saying YES!

Have you said Yes To The Dress Yet...?

Saying yes to your dream dress is an exciting moment but can also feel overwhelming and uneasy. Not every #bride has that 'Say Yes to the Dress' moment where everyones crying with happiness - and thats OK!

Sometimes you just know that the dress you are wearing means something too you or makes you feel a certain way.At Vicki's we say if there is a dress you keep coming back to whether that is in your head or a photo on your phone - she is probably YOUR dress!⁠

It's important to make your YES decision based on how you feel and not to please your #bridalparty. Everyone will have opinions and sometimes they will not all match but when you feel amazing you radiate that feeling and that is what everyone will see on your wedding day.⁠

Remember it is never to early to say yes to your #dress - when it feels right just do it!

If you are yet to have that YES moment, book an appointment with us and that may just happen! Book Now


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