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Don't shop for the sake of Shopping!

Yay!! You're engaged, your finger is sparkling like never before, and the excitement is real! All the talk turns to what kind of dress you're going to go for, and your bridal party is naturally forming. The most tempting thing to do is go straight to Google and find your local bridal boutique and book in, just because… DON’T!

Wedding dress shopping is not something to do lightly, as it can be overwhelming if you haven’t prepared yourself or are not in the headspace to say ‘Yes’ to ‘The One’. So before you click book, take a breath and stop and do the below first;

Step One:

Think about the type of wedding you and your partner want, size, venue, time of year and when. Although you shouldn't choose a dress just based on where you are getting married, it can play a big part on the type of dress you have.

Step Two:

Once you have done the above, check out any boutiques that you may have seen and are interested in visiting, see if they stock designers that you are liking the look of or fit your big day. Hone in on your dress shopping wish list, whether that be by designer or boutique.

Step Three:

Organise who and when you want to go. For advice on who to take, have a look at our blog …. Or when to shop … Once you have decided on both of these now you can get booking!!


Be ready to say ‘Yes’! Go shopping ready to find ‘The One’ if you find it. Once you have done all the above now you can get booking!!

If you do all the above rather than just shopping for the sake of shopping, I promise you that it will be a much better experience from start to finish. Yes, you may be nervous at first, but knowledge is power and you will be ready!

If you are ready to book your bridal appointment, we are here to help and we can't wait to help you find your dream dress. Book Now.


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