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Picking Between Two Dresses

If you are stuck between two dresses, heres some of our top tips to help you decide..

(left - Catalina by Kelsey Rose , right - Odessa by Kelsey Rose)

It is very common for #brides to be stuck between two dresses when it comes to choosing 'the one' and a lot of the time they are polar opposites. One is your comfort zone and the other the wild card.⁠

If you find yourself in this situation here are a few tips that may help making your decision a little easier...⁠

✨ What look are you looking for as a bride? Think about how you want your #wedding to look, which one of these dresses fit the style you are going for.⁠

✨ What will others expect you to wear? Your guests may have an idea of what sort of gown you are going to wear based on how well they know you - do you want to surprise them? ⁠

✨ Wild cards can throw a huge curve ball into the mix and sometimes it will come down to how comfortable you feel and if you will regret not going for your wild card in the future.⁠

✨ Budget! Although budget has a huge part in your wedding when it comes to making decisions - we always say don't let the fear of overspending sway your decision. You have to have to decide if not spending that little bit extra will give you regret in the future.⁠

✨ Go with your gut!


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