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Wedding Rings Made for You

Over the past year we have had the privilege of not just helping our Vicki’s Brides find their wedding dress, but also helping them and their find partners wedding rings to seal the deal. For those that may not know, we are proud agents of BWR London which you can find out what that means in our blog post "The Ring That Say ‘I Do’’.

A pair of wedding rings

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the lovely bespoke rings that's our couples have had to create their perfect ring to say ‘I Do’

Sophie and Matt:

Sophie first came to us to look for a ring for Matt, as her engagement ring had come as a pair. But after Matt was keen to look for himself, they ended up setting a home visit with Phil from BWR to see what he had to offer. Here what they had a say about their experience:

‘Vicki's work alongside a ring maker and we have purchased our wedding bands from them - something we thought we would never be able to afford, how wrong we were. The owner Philip comes to you with a huge collection and helps you find what you like; he can take your engagement ring for scanning to make sure everything is matching and you can tell him your budget and he will help you get there. It worked out so much cheaper to get the same ring and same quality through him over a big name business. My partners wedding band is stunning and I don’t often take note of men’s rings but it’s perfect.’

Gold wedding ring with engravings

Beth & Glen:

Beth to start with was only looking for herself as her partner is a farmer so wasn’t fussed about having an expensive ring that he couldn’t wear the majority of the time. She had a gorgeous vintage engagement ring, so was looking for something to compliment it. With a smaller budget between ourselves and Phil, we went back and forth with ideas and in the end Phil sent the idea of having the musical notes from their first dance engraved on the ring - something especially personal to Beth who is a signer herself and music was a huge part of their Big Day and day to day life. In the end, she also surprised Glen with his own ring, going with a sliver ring that worked out a lot cheaper and had the notes engraved on the inside. A truly personal set of wedding bands.

Ester & Jason:

Diamond wedding band

Ester and Jason came to visit us in at Vicki’s Bridal Boutique, where they had an appointment with ourselves and Phil. After a lot of searching previously without much success. Ester was keen to explore the idea of the process of moulding the ring to fit her engagement ring, especially as we can take an impression of the engagement ring to create a risen copy of both rings so you can try before you buy. In the end due to the high-set nature of her ring she was able to go for a gorgeous 50% covered 1.8mm diamond band. Jason had a lot of ideas and think may still be on the hunt! Who says brides are the fussy ones!! Lol

The world really is your oyster when it comes to your wedding bands with BWR London and we can offer appointments in the boutique or put you in touch with Phil for home visits depending on what suits you. If you are interested in booking a ring appointment with us, drop us an email on


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