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Our Summer 2023 Vicki's Brides

Bride with heart glasses on

This summer really was ‘The Summer of Love’ with so many gorgeous couples saying ‘I Do’. It was said to be one of the busiest years for couples tying the knot in recent years, and boy it certainly felt like it!! With so many of our brides part of this, we just had to share some of our Vicki’s Brides special days, as we think they just look absolutely stunning. And feel so honoured to have been part of their bridal journey…

Katie Dougal, first came to us in 2021 when she about 20 weeks pregnant with her little boy to get an idea of the wedding dresses she was liking. She then returned to us after baby arrived to confirm which dress she was going for. After choosing the gorgeous Amelie by Kelsey Rose, as Katie went to alteration she found out she was expecting her second baby!! But the amazing ladies at The Wedding Dress Surgeons worked their magic to make sure bump was catered for, and doesn’t she look stunning at the Garden Wedding.

Rochelle Bison, was our lovely Christmas Eve appointment in 2021, after visiting us a couple of months prior and trying another Kelsey Rose dress that we had tracked down for her, she decided Scilly by Kelsey Rose was the perfect dress for her for her gorgeous wedding at Chiding Stone Castle. She also wore a beautiful bespoke Romy by Tulle & Flo, swapping the flowers for pearls.

Megan wore the gorgeous Demi by Nieve Couture to say 'I Do' at the beautiful Brickwall House, a local venue that only opens for serval weddings a year. When Megan first came to us, she was also 20 weeks pregnant, but this was the perfect timing - allowing her time to choose her perfect dress without rushing after baby arrived.

Jo Parsons fell in love with Thea by Kelsey Rose just days after she arrived with us at the end of summer last year. The mocha tone looked stunning with Jo’s skin tone, and the falling rose lace is simply gorgeous. These photo just made us smile, seeing the love between them.

Lauren, truly embraced her own bridal style, knowing it was not like everyone else. She walked away with the super fun and flirty Harriet sample dress by House of Mooshki. Lauren was so excited from the moment she put her on in the boutique and I’m sure you can all agree this wedding dress was made for her.

Lucy Healy eloped with her partner and their little girl to the Lake District for an intimate ceremony. Lucy’s appointment is one we will never forget… She had been patiently waiting for Odessa by Kelsey Rose to come in, she was the first to book in as soon as she was back in stock. We of course played the game trying on different dresses but saving Odessa to last, there was no question as soon as she put her on. In Lucy’s words, “Well I look bloody fantastic don’t I?!” Lucy teamed Odessa with the gorgeous Odette Veil by Tulle & Flo.

bride and groom with 6 week old baby on their wedding day next to a highland cow

Carly Brewer, one of our lovely local brides, she fell in love with the stunning Michelle by Nieve Couture, which she teamed with a delicate pearl belt and sparkle veil. When she came to collect, she came armed with exciting news that she was expecting her first baby, due just 6 weeks before the big day. Working closely with the lovely The Wedding Dress Surgeons right up to the wire, they altered the dress after baby arrived. And aren’t these just the cutest wedding photos you have ever seen.

Hannah actually came back to us after her first appointment for one dress and walked out with something very different. She ended up with Juno by Kelsey Rose and it really was one of those rare moments where Megan pulled the curtain back and all of us had that overwhelming reactions that this was her dress. It was just so perfectly her, even in the wrong size.

These are just a few of our beautiful Vicki's Brides from summer 2023 so we want to also say huge congratulations to Molly, Sonia, Megan, Daley, Sophie, Jess, Debbie, Bridie, Vicky, Susan, Marta, Sarah, Lara, Hannah, Marisa, Tia and Chloe. We hope you all had the most amazing day.

Maybe you could be one of our Summer 204 brides? Book an appointment now and come find your dream wedding dress at Vicki's Bridal Boutique, in Tenterden Kent.


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