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The Ring that says 'I Do'

So for those of you that may not know, we are also ring agents for local company, Bespoke Wedding Rings London and can help you and your partner find the perfect rings to say ‘I Do’ with.

How does it work?

  • As agents, we have a large selection of display rings and all the equipment we need to help you choose and design your truly bespoke rings. So in the comfort of our beautiful boutique we can sit and pull together all the information to pass on to Philip who will be able to quote and sort out all the ‘boring’ bits as we like to say, (just don’t tell him!!).

With BWR the world really is your oyster, with the ability to engrave and laser cut any design or create a band to fit your engagement ring it means you can create something that is truly yours. Philip quite often says that he loves the fact he rarely does two sets of rings the same.

What precious metal do they work in?

  • BWR work with Sliver, Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum and Palladium and use a variety of precious stones including Diamonds to embellish your ring.

How much do they start from?

  • Pricing is quite a difficult to give an exact price as it very much dependent on the price of precious metals at the time of purchase. So this is something that we can look at in your appointment and with Philip. He will always offer alternative design ideas to help bring it into your price bracket if needed.

If you are still looking for the perfect bands to say ‘I Do’ and having a truly bespoke ring unique to the two of you is something you would love to have, why not pop down to our boutique in Tenterden, Kent and see what you can create together.

Find out more about BWR LONDON -

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