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Let's talk Mother of the Bride

Let's talk about the Mother of the Bride for a second… It is no secret that our Mum’s want to look their best on our big day and make sure they are looking and feeling the part. And we believe we may just be able to help. So pass over the screen and let them have a read!

One of our designers, House of Mooshki not only delivers gorgeous, truly unique bridal gowns but also a just as stunning Mother of the Bride/ Occasion collection. Now these dresses certainly aren’t just your average dresses, which is to be expected with Mooshki, they are bold, colourful and nothing short of chic.

The Facts:

  • House of Mooshki take up to 12 weeks to come, so make sure you are shopping with plenty of time.

  • See a style you like but prefer another colour or print? Not a problem, just like with their bridal gowns, you have so many options. We can work with Mooshki to create the prefect dress for you.

  • Their prices range from £700- £1800. Extra charges may apply with design changes or fabric changes.

  • All the dresses are boned and most with an internal bar strap for extra support.

So how does it work, you ask? As we clearly don’t stock Mother of the Bride.

  • First stop, have a browse of the House of Mooshki website (link below) at all the gorgeous dresses and see if you are Mooshki Mum!

  • Secondly, either get in touch with Mooshki themselves or us to express your interests and let us know what dresses are catching your eye. We will then work with Mooshki to get the dresses lent out to us for you to try in our boutique in Tenterden, Kent. Our loan appointments whether it be Mother of the Bride or Bridal have a non-refundable fee of £30.

  • In your appointment, you will be able to try the samples of the dresses you picked. If you fall in love with one of the dresses and decide to go ahead, we will take your measurements and order a dress in closer to your size. Like most occasion dresses, you may need a few alterations to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

  • Once your dress is ready you are welcome to come back and collect it from the boutique, however we are aware that some of you ladies travel quite far, if so Mooshki and ourselves will work together to have it delivered straight to your front door.

  • And Finally, send us lots of photos of you looking stunning on the big day!!

If you are interested in seeing if House of Mooshki has the perfect dress for your Daughter’s or Son’s wedding, get in touch with us at and we can talk you through the whole process.


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