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Lovely in Lace Wedding Dresses

It’s no secret that through-out history, brides have looked lovely in lace wedding dresses, but these days that does not mean that you have to go for a vintage bridal look when wearing lace. We are going to look at our favourite lace trends at Vicki’s Bridals Boutique, from your classic vintage lace to the new modern laces being created, to the use of lace placement and ways to add lace into your bridal look. 

blush pink strapless lace wedding dresses

Let’s start by looking at the full lace dress (personal favourite of mine). Bridal Lace wedding dresses are all about personal taste, and speaking from experience you could be in love with one lace dress and really dislike another, you have to find your lace style. In the past couple of seasons Kelsey Rose have been creating their own laces for a more modern bride, one of our favourites being their ‘falling rose’ lace, which they used on the Thea dress. This is lace is a large, bold pattern, but the lightweight tulle and contemporary cut makes her soft and subtle. 

Hazel by Ellis Bridals offer a more traditional all over lace wedding gown look with an elegant fit and flare silhouette and ¾ length sleeve with a puff shoulder. This is a gorgeous heavy lace with iridescent sequins sprinkled throughout to deliver a beautiful subtle sparkle. And though a more traditional style wedding dress, lace definitely speak more to the current bride. 

vintage lace wedding dress with ribbon boning

Doing the reverse, Alisha by Nieve Couture is a great example of taking a delicate vintage lace but adding it to a modern cut with the exposed boned bodice. To marry the past and present. 

Lace is the guaranteed timeless bridal trend, but of course full lace is not for everyone. So here are a couple of different ways to wear lace on your wedding day;

Half-and-half could be the perfect alternative for you, whether that be a beautiful lace bodice with a soft chiffon skirt, such as Sicily by Kelsey Rose or a structure crêpe bodice with a soft floral lace a-line skirt as found in Bree by Ellis Bridals. 

Placement lace is another beautiful way of doing lace without going full lace. Demi by Nieve Couture and Natalia by Ellis Bridals are perfect examples of this. With their delicate lace bodice which gradually soften down the hip and with detail continued throughout the skirt with gorgeous placed applique lace motifs. 

"I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature" by Coco Chanel

Cut out lace has been a big trend for the past couple of years now, making lace a little bit sexy. With cut away backs, illusion sleeve and statement lace cutout trains. We adore Mauve and Lottie by Ellis Bridals which showcase this lace trend perfectly, combing all of the above seamlessly.

But something you may just want a small nod to the traditional lace trend, which can be achieved with simple lace sleeves or trim on your dress. Or even with your accessories whether that be with lace detail in your veil or, at Vicki's we love the bridal trainers from The Perfect Bridal Company, Oakley and Cameron which are the perfect combination of old and new. So every bride really can look lovely in lace.

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