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Dress of the Week: Madison-Grace

Madison-Grace is one of the Kelsey Rose 2022 Collection and a dress that we get a lot of enquiries about, and I think it is easy to see why!!

She is a subtle A-line one of the fuller skirts of our Kelsey Rose range but no means the tradition A-lines you would find with Ellis Bridals, her big sister. The skirt is a beautiful Chiffon, with one of the bigger trains to be found in the collection, she is perfect for creating a grand feel without the weight of a heavy, more substantial dress.

Her gorgeous lace bodice can leave brides a little apprehensive when on the hanger, but as soon as she is on, her illusion top is just stunning. Though she is illusion, the layering of dotty tulle, lace and appliqué doesn't give too much away. The polka dot tulle carries on down the sleeve to a gorgeous lace cuff finished off with Kelsey Rose's signature vintage buttons, adding a little bit of sparkle.

Due to the very talented Ferne’s 360 design style on all the Kelsey Rose dresses, the back of Madison-Grace is just as exquisite as the front. With beautiful open back finished off with a delicate eyelash lace trim and fastened at the neck with a vintage button to match the cuff. Kelsey Rose believe the back of the dress is just as important as the front, your wedding guests will spend a lot of time looking at your back and this is why you will find an abundance of gorgeous backs throughout our Kelsey Rose collection.

Madison-Grace can also come without the sleeves, leaving you with a thick shoulder strap, losing none of the beautiful detail on the bodice, perfect for a destination wedding. Though one thing I will say Madison-Grace’s sleeves are not there to keep you warm!! So don’t be put off if you are having a summer wedding, and love her as she is.

So this is Madison-Grace by Kelsey Rose we love her and we hope you do too. So, if you are looking for boho style dress with a gorgeous sleeve come and give Madison-Grace a try. If you would like any more information on her, please get in touch or if you would like to try her on head to our boutique in Tenterden, Kent.


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