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Spotlight Series: Kelsey Rose Edit

This week we are shinning the light on our gorgeous Boho designer Kelsey Rose. For those of you that don’t know, Kelsey Rose is the sister of Ellis Bridals but with a more relaxed, laid back vibe.

Thea by Kelsey Rose 2023 Collection

Kelsey Rose was launched in the 1980s, based in their London Studio, where they see the whole design process from sketch to dress, creating the ultimate cool-girl look. In Kelsey Rose’s own words:

‘We are a small team with big ideas and we put every ounce of passion into creating contemporary and exciting collections that we believe in. Our bride is our inspiration, designing for the modern bride who dances to the beat of her own drum.’

At Vicki’s we love the fact that Kelsey Rose allows our brides to create their own look whether it be going to for a real Boho vibe or something a little more classic. And with the lower price points, they can really go to town with adding those personal touches. Whilst being able to enjoy their big day from start to finish without feeling restricted.

The whole team have so much love and passion that go into each of their collections and love seeing those real bride snaps, where they hard work and magic really comes to life. Kelsey Rose was the first Designer we secured when setting up Vicki’s and we just fell in love the moment we saw them… and with each year comes a new collection and with each new collection we say … ‘Can you please stop designing so many gorgeous dresses (and two-pieces!)’

To see our full collection, head over to our Kelsey Rose page …. Or to find out more about their sister brand, Ellis Bridals why not check out Ellis Edit in the spotlight series.

Flora Top by Kelsey Rose 2023 Collection


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