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To Bra or Not To Bra?

Our most asked question - "What do I do about a bra?" and the answer is...

Simple - go without! Going without a bra will be the most comfortable option, most of our dresses have cups build into them or are fully boned so you are protected and once your dress is altered to fit you they are not going anywhere. However, we know this can be a big 'no way' for some brides and that's ok, there is so much you can get to support the girls. ⁠

We recommend doing some shopping around for the best bra to suit your dress, buy a few different options and take them along to your seamstress and test out which one would be the most suitable for you and your dress.⁠ And remember, always nude, never white!!

Here are a few of our favourites -

Va-Va Voom Push from Magic Body Fashion

100 Ways to Wear Multiway Bra from Marks & Spencer

Wonderbra Ultimate Silhouette Plunge Bra from John Lewis

Remember to be open-minded, you might surprise yourself 💕⁠


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