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Vicki's Top 5 Satin A-line Dresses

wedding dress with lace sleeves

The satin A-line is a timeless bridal look and a staple in most wedding designer's collection year after year. Here at Vicki’s Bridal Boutique in Tenterden, we wanted to share Vicki's Top 5 Satin A-line Dresses across our designers Freda Bennet, Ellis Bridals, and Nieve Couture. So here goes…

Satin mikado a-line wedding dress with racer neckline and pockets

Lauren by Ellis Bridals is one of our newest additions as a part of our 2024 Ellis Bridals collection. We just fell in love with her stunning classic style paired with a modern racer neckline and keyhole back. The gorgeous mikado fabric holds a beautiful structured silhouette. Not forgetting the detachable bow to allowing you to stamp your own style on the dress and…last but not least it has the pockets!! And what bride doesn’t love a pocket.

Audrey by Nieve Couture is a Vicki's Bridal Boutique classic and if you read our Real Vicki's bride spotlight on Jennifer, you would have seen her modelling it beautifully on her big day. This stunningly simple wedding gown is perfect for any bride looking for a timeless, modest bridal look on her wedding day. With her high neckline, A-line skirt and button detail all the way down to the bottom of the train, finished off with a thin sparkle belt, which adds a little twinkle. Because what bride doesn't love a little sparkle! We must not forget again the little matter of her pockets! (Can you guess we are a big fan of the bridal pocket!!)

a-line wedding dress with textured material and square neckline

Milan by Freda Bennet is a classic A-line for the modern bride. With her square neck line in Freda Bennet’s signature cloque textured fabric. She perfectly marries both the traditional and playful side of any bride. Her extra thick waist band works wondered on all body types, making any bride feel amazing - which is the most important thing!! She also makes the most amazing sound when twirling the night away. 

Ada by Ellis Bridals may feel a little familiar, with inspiration for her taken from Princess Kate's wedding dress she wore on when she married Prince William back in 2011. With her delicate lace sleeved bodice married with the soft plain satin A-line. She really is a timeless classic, and if she is good enough for a princess!

a-line wedding dress with 3D flowers on the sleeves

Last but certainly not least, one of our newest additions, Romily another gorgeous Freda Bennet gown. This exquisite satin A-line adds a little fun to a true classic with her nod to the current 3D flower bridal trend we are seeing everywhere at the moment, with her flower puff sleeves. We just love the mix of two wedding styles. Her pleated corset and sweetheart neckline creates an ultra famine shape, with her A-line skirt enhancing the waist.

Let us know which is your favourite of Vicki's Top 5 Satin A-lines, or is there another one of our gorgeous dresses you think should have made the list. If you think one of these stunning Satin A-lines could be in your Top 5 don't forget to book with us at


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