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Trying On Dresses For The First Time

Are you feeling scared or anxious about starting your dress search? Here's a few tips that will help settle those dress shopping jitters.

The thought of #dress #shopping for the first time can be a daunting and anxious feeling. It is completely normal to feel this way - you're about to embark on a new and exciting journey and you want to make sure your dress is perfect - not to mention the big sum at the end.⁠

Here are a few tips to make your dress shopping a little easier:⁠

✨ Do your research. Get on Pinterest and start pinning - find styles of dresses that you like. Find #bridal shops that stock these styles and book in with them.⁠

✨ Set yourself a goal - By all means shop around but don't give yourself too many #boutiques to go to, otherwise you can become dress blind.⁠

✨ Only take people with you that you value the opinion of. ⁠Sometimes having to many opinions can make the experience harder and take the fun away, you may find yourself trying to please others rather than yourself.

✨ Go prepared. Go to your appointments with the correct underwear on. The wrong underwear can change the look of a dress and can cloud your judgement.⁠

✨ Enjoy yourself! Be open minded! Embrace your inner #bride!


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