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Summer of Love 💕

As summer is drawing to a close, we are looking back on our ‘Summer of Love’ here at Vicki’s Bridal Boutique in Tenterden, Kent. This summer we have had so much fun from putting together our first styled shoot, welcoming new brides to the family and of course watching our brides get married.

Our styled shoot at Coombe Farm, a day of so much fun in the sun, filled with making new friends and amazing content. You can find out more about behind the scenes in our blog …Vicki’s styled shoot.

Through this Summer, our biggest highlight has to be having had the pleasure of seeing some of our gorgeous brides finally tie the knot and could not be more honoured to have been able to help each and everyone of them find their dream dress.

Receiving those sneak peeks on a Sunday afternoon or an evening sitting on the sofa, could not be more exciting and we are straight on the phone to each other sharing giddy girly giggles. Being able to see their vision that they shared with us from their first appointment come to life is amazing. And not forgetting the smile of pure happiness to finish off their bridal look.

To all our #vickisbrides we thank you so making us part of your special day, and please never stop sharing with us what comes next. And to all our #vickisbrides yet to get married, please don’t forget to share with us your big day because honestly it brings so much joy to us and this exactly why Vicki’s was created to see those smiles! You can meet all of our Vicki's Bride family here

We can’t wait till next summer when we see all gorgeous brides that have brought their dress with us over the past couple of months get to have their big day. 💕


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