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How to Dress a Baby Bump on Your Wedding Day

So whether you are planning it or it has just worked out that way, dressing a bump on your wedding day can feel a little scary! But there is no need to stress, we are here to help. If you are really stuck on what dresses you can wear to compliment your baby bump, here is our take on 'How to Dress a Baby Bump on Your Wedding Day.

Pregnant bride on her wedding day wearing a two piece by Kelsey Rose .

Now, we are strong believers here at Vicki’s Bridal Boutique that bump or not, you should pick the dress that makes you feel amazing and allows you to embrace your bridal style. So let’s have a look at different bridal styles but with that bump in mind…

Roseville by Freda Bennet, The A-line - is a great shape when it comes to dressing a baby bump, whether it be because maybe some people may not know yet or even for the simple fact it’s hard to know what size you will be by the time the wedding comes. Given the nature of most A-line wedding dresses, there is room for seamstresses to play with, teamed with us ordering bigger to allow extra room.

Lia by Kelsey Rose, The Empire Line - This is a classic wedding dress cut to go to when you have a baby bump to dress. The cut under the bust not only means it is super comfy to wear, where it sits above the bump, but also very flattering on your ever-changing body. This style of dress is also ideal when it comes to alterations.

Storm by Kelsey Rose, The Fit and Flare - Now we love a fit and flare wedding look, proudly show off that bump that your body is working so hard to grow! However, this take a little more planning. Ordering 2 sizes bigger allows plenty of room for your seamstress to play with. We do recommend trying to avoid wedding gowns with cut out work, just because this can be a little trickier to work with when it comes to alteration and you may make some compromises.

Delta Top and Jade Skirt by Kelsey Rose, The Separates - A great option for the ever-changing pregnancy body. With the flexibility of where to poison the skirt and especially with a top such as Delta by Kelsey Rose where it is not tight to the body, means it can rest nicely on the bump.

When it comes to shopping for a bump, the best piece of advice we can offer is be open-minded and own your new shape and situation. Choose a dress that makes you feel amazing in the body you are in, even if that looks slightly different you had imagined getting married in.

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