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Shopping (with us) with 6 months or Less

At the start of 2022 we had a lot of brides getting married this summer and now as we approach Summer we are noticing a lot of brides coming through who are getting married this Autumn. So we thought this would be a good time to put out a bit of information about what to expect if you are shopping with us with 6 months or less to go.

Top tips:

  • Be open to buying off the rack.

  • Be in the mind set to buy.

  • Say yes to a Rush Cut.

  • Get a seamstress ready to go.

Open to buying off the rack:

We are very lucky that our amazing designers always do everything they can to help us get you your dream dress in time for your big day. However, bridal gowns are made-to-order, so sometimes this just isn’t possible, so buying off the rack is a great solution. Sometimes they may need a little extra TLC and work in alterations but it is a small price to pay to get your dream dress.

The Mind Set to Buy:

When you have a shorter time frame, it is important to be the mind set to buy. The likelihood is if we are able to order the dress in for you, we will need to order that day to make sure we can get her here in time without delay or if you are having to buy off the rack we can not guarantee she will still be here as we offer all our brides the same opportunities. So to avoid stress or disappointment, be ready to say ‘YES’ to that dress that takes your breath away.

Rush Cut:

Our designers take between 12-16 weeks to arrives and sometimes this can be cutting it very fine, as you always want to prepare for the unexpected. Nieve Couture and House of Mooshki offer a rush cut service at an extra cost, but this does mean you can get your dress in as little as 6 weeks, which can save a whole lot of stress right on top of your wedding day.

Seamstress on stand by:

We have a list of very talented seamstresses that we recommend and it’s a good idea once you have said yes to the dress to get in touch with a seamstress straight away, whether you have ordered a dress or purchased off the rack. This way they can have you on their books and fitted in time for your big day.

Every Bridal shop and designer will have different runtimes and options for getting your dream dress in a short time frame, this is just what we can offer at Vicki’s. We will do everything in our power to help you get your dress. We don’t do pushy sales but we will stress the importance of not leaving if too long to make your decision, as we never want to have to say ‘you can’t have that dress now.’

So if you are an Autumn bride - getting shopping and come and see us in the boutique and we will be happy to help you every way we can.


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