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Let's talk Bridal Seamstress Fittings

Here at Vicki’s Bridal Boutique we have the pleasure of working closely with the lovely Nikki and Tracy at The Wedding Dress Surgeons. As our recommended seamstresses, they are the ladies we trust to help our brides on the next part of their wedding dress journey. 

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So let's talk bridal seamstress fittings...

Every Wednesday, we hand Vicki’s Bridal Boutique in Tenterden over to The Wedding Dress Surgeons to work their magic to our Vicki’s brides wedding gowns, to create the perfect fit. If you choose to work with The Wedding Dress Surgeons, you will first meet them 12 weeks before your big day. In this first fitting, they will look at what needs to be done and work with you to make sure you are happy with how the dress fits. If you have decided on any design changes, such as adding sleeves, removing layers, etc, they will also come up with the action plan. 

Four weeks later and it’s now 8 weeks till your big day. Eek!!  Nikki and Tracy have been busy working away making all the agreed tweaks, and it is now time to get your dress back on! At this fitting, they will make sure you are happy with all the changes so far. It’s quite common at this stage to actually be ready to take her home, however if there are still a couple of bits to work through that is absolutely fine, this is what the third fitting is there for. 

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By the time you get to your third fitting, your wedding is only 4 weeks away, and she will be ready for your big day. Once Nikki and Tracy have finished with your gorgeous gown, they will make sure she is pressed and steamed ready to go. In your finial fitting, it is a good idea to bring someone with you that will help you get dressed on the day, so Nikki or Tracy can show you the best way to get you in the wedding dress and how to do the bustle if you have decided to go for one. Alternatively, we will be happy to film it for you. With your beautiful bridal gown perfectly altered just for you...the next time you put her back on, you will be about to say 'I Do'!!

We hope this has given you a little insight in what to expect when it comes to your seamstress fitting. Look out on our socials for more ‘did you knows’, tips and tricks from us at Vicki’s Bridal Boutique and The Wedding Dress Surgeons.


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