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Are you a 2023 Bride?

Are you a 2023 bride? Have you got your dress? Have you even started shopping for your dress? …. If you answered these questions with the following ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘No’ it’s time to put dress shopping to the top of your wedding to-do list.

When it comes to dress shopping, like anything to do with weddings really the more time you have the less stress you have. At Vicki’s our lead times are quite short but you are still looking at anything between 12-16 weeks and you then want to allow alterations once your dress has arrived. With your big day being next year it is never too early to get your dream dress but I can be too late.

If like many brides you are losing weight then dresses can be taken in and you need to be realistic with only a year to go, how much you are going to lose before using it as a reason to put off shopping. If you love yourself in a dress just as you are, then imagine how amazing you feel when you love yourself?

Or if you're just not a fan of shopping and this is an experience you're dreading, then leaving it to the last minute is not the answer. If anything, getting it ticked off first means you can enjoy the rest of your planning more, especially when you realise it’s not that scary after all.

At Vicki’s we will always do all we can to help you find your dream dress and show you that shopping for your dress can be a fun and relaxed experience. At your appointment with us, you are in charge and we follow your lead. If you are working with a tighter time frame, then we will do all we can to get you THE dress.

So this is our call to all 2023 brides to avoid the stress and get the dress!!

Bookings can be made online at 💕


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